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Elinchrom ranger rx and pocketwizards on the golf course, again!

Mark Renwick, GM of Obs Golf Club once was once again kind enough to allow a test shoot on their grounds. I had promised my cousin Brandon Bergh a photoshoot for his birthday, and i’m quite sure he had given up hope of it happening as we hadn’t got around to it a year after my offer…

Brandon is a keen golfer and has some skills on the course. Skill always makes a photographer look good as it gives the shoot more credibility. As i’m still learning my way around the sport i’m sure it will take more time for me to learn which moments in a swing look better than others, but this shoot was more about testing the Elinchrom Ranger RX and PocketWizards and making sure i can achieve the lighting combinations and speeds necessary to overpower the sun and create the sort of high contrast lighting i love.

We shot some driving and bunker chipping shots and once again the Elinchrom Ranger surpassed my expectations with action freezing lighting at speeds of 1600/s and 2000th/s.

Please keep in mind that i am using the Standard (S) heads with the Ranger pack as they allow flash durations that are long enough to light the subject with very little clipping. This is great for high speed work, but please keep in mind that these longer flash durations don’t freeze action as well as the Action (A) heads in low light action work. If you only have S heads and need to do low light action work it will help somewhat if you kept the S heads as close to the subject as practically possible. The light will have less distance to travel and give you sharper images.

Was cool spending time on the golf course again. Will definitely be carting around the fairways in the near future looking for interesting locations to ply my trade:) Good shooting!

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