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Rurik Göbel, Chartered Accountant

“I had to get some corporate portraits taken for my resume and found Ben’s website online. I loved the photos he has on his website and immediately decided that I wanted my photos to be done by him.

I have never had professional photos taken and was a bit concerned that I would be quite awkward. From the moment I arrived at Ben’s studio he was so welcoming and kind and truly made the day an experience. I was able to be myself and I was extremely comfortable.

By the time the first photo was taken I did not even think about being awkward and just enjoyed it. When I saw the first few photos I just realised how talented Ben is as a photographer from lighting to positioning. There was genuinely not a single photo that I did not like in some way or another (and this was without post editing).

After the “shoot” Ben sent me all of the photos to choose which ones were my favourite that I would like to have edited. He gave me ample time to do this and even understood that it took a few days as I wanted some feedback from my friends and family.

I can honestly say that photography is more than a job for Ben and his passion for his craft was clear from the onset. I could not recommend Ben more as he is truly a master at what he does and clearly a very good person. I believe his photos on his website speaks for themselves, but does not tell the full story of the additional effort he does to make his clients feel valued which is why I wanted to write this testimonial.”

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