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This bag rocks: lowepro flipside sport 15 litre all weather


With plans to visit Berlin for a week, I needed a compact camera bag that could hold a tripod securely and not be a burden when transversing the city. Another important consideration would be for the bag to securely attach to my back, as I had plans to rent a bike and explore the photographic opportunities the city had to offer.

The first call was to my “go-to-guy” for camera gear – Steve Ashton from Singer Photographic. Amongst many other high end, reputable brands, Singer Photographic is also the South African agent for Lowepro camera bags. The Flipside is the latest offering from Lowepro and I was stoked to hear that Singer had a sample bag in store, especially when Steve and Kevin offered it to me for use on my trip.

As you’ll see in the image attached, the Flipside comfortably cradled my Nikon D3x with Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens, Nikkor 105mm f2.8 lens, Nikon SB 900 flash and an accessory bag that contained a spare camera batterry, cable release, flash batteries and SB 900 tripod mount (and of course my wallet, Passport, ID and other necessary travel documents).

LOWEPRO FLIPSIDE SPORT 15 LITRE ALL WEATHER        (all images: ben bergh)

The side of the bag has a dedicated tripod mount system that securely holds compact tripods – in this case my “on the go” mount (Manfrotto 290 with 496 RC2 head) that’s small and light enough to use for shoots that require a ride or hike to location. Yes, quite a small mount for a D3x, but when you’re 10 km’s into the mountains, you’ll be very pleased with your decision to carry lighter gear.

The opposite side of the pack is designed to hold a 2 Litre bladder and has mounts on the backstraps to hold the mouthpiece and feeder pipe, similar to the widely used running and mountain bike bladder packs. Filled with drinkable water from the hotel, i didn’t have to purchase pricey bottled water every time the old parched tongue needed refreshement.

On the Thursday night of our stay, we attended the Pearl Jam Berlin show and once again a feature of the bag proved invaluable. In my opinion the single most important asset this bag provides. Access to the camera compartment is only possible through the rear of the Flipside and because this area is strapped to your back, the Flipside cradles your precious camera cargo, away from the prying fingers of any thieves looking to relieve you of your kit.

The back straps and padding is of the new generation, breathable type and contains a lightweight, high density foam that stays dry and is elevated to assist with ventilation.

The camera compartment can be sealed independently from the shell of the bag and can be removed to turn the Flipside into a day-pack or even mountain bike or adventure running pack. Waist and chest straps ensures the stability of the bag on your back – perfect for photographers who are hiking, running or riding a bike to location.

Naturally, the AW designation also means that the bag contains the tried and trusted Lowepro rain-cover that conveniently slides into the bottom of the bag.

While ensuring the safety of my equipment, the Flipside also facilitated ease of operation, on-the-go. The best equipment in the world is the equipment that you have on you when needed and in this case that’s quite a bit of kit. Call your camera shop and pre-order this baby. Sure it’s gonna sell like hotcakes!

(For great service and biggest selection speak to Keith at Kameraz in Rosebank, he know his stuff. This is where i get all my unsponsored gear).

-thanks, Ben

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